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Transcendental Meditation and Neurological Conditions

Transcendental Meditation and Neurological Conditions | Quick Cure

Last Updated : May 19, 2024
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Did you know that many neurological conditions are controllable and curable to some extent?

 Well, Transcendental Meditation helps to control and improve the quality of life for neurological conditions such as Epilepsy, Seizures, Multiple sclerosis, and Tinnitus.

In this guide, you will learn how transcendental meditation and neurological conditions links together and benefits to its practitioners.

  • Some neurological conditions can be cured or controlled based on activities such as meditation and therapy. 
  • Neurological conditions that can be controlled by Transcendental Meditation (TM) are Epilepsy, Seizures, Multiple sclerosis, and Tinnitus.
  • Understanding the disease or medical condition, its symptoms, and how TM can help cure it ensures an understanding of whether your condition can be controlled effectively. 

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a medication technique to help people avoid distracting thoughts. Hence, it aims to enhance relaxation and bring awareness to one’s mind.

According to research on TM, when individuals meditate, their ordinary thinking process is transformed into a position called “transcended” and turned into a position of pure consciousness.

If one reaches the state of pure consciousness, it means they have achieved several benefits, such as the ability to be peacefully at rest, stabilize, and control their mental effectiveness.

Transcendental Meditation And Epilepsy

Transcendental Meditation And Epilepsy

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common type of brain condition which mainly affects the brain. As a result, it may lead to frequent seizures. Seizures are electrical activity in the brain that affects the way the brain works.

What Are The Symptoms Of Epilepsy?

The following are the key symptoms of epilepsy:

  • Has shaking or a condition called “fit.”
  • It may have a temporary confusion.
  • Muscles or the body may turn to be stiff.
  • May loss of consciousness or even collapse or faint.
  • May have unusual feelings in the smell, taste, tummy, fear, and anxiety.
  • May have symptoms of psychosis.

How Can TM Help With Epilepsy?

If you have epilepsy, the practicing transcendental meditation program can help you to overcome many aspects of your symptoms as follows:

  • Helps to show reduced symptoms: If you practice TM regularly, you will have fewer problems related to the nervous system and also reduce the consistency of epilepsy symptoms.
  • EEG comparison of TM and epilepsy : Practicing TM helps to reduce epileptic spikes and positively affects epilepsy brain activity.
  • Enhances the power of deep rest: TM helps to give your brain and body a state of deep rest, positively impacts the respiratory rate plasma lactate, and overcomes physiological imbalances.
  • Increase in Serotonin: The TM helps increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enhances brain functions. As a result, it enhances mood, emotional balance, and mental and physical well-being.
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Which Meditation Is Good For Epilepsy?

TM is the best meditation for epilepsy as it helps to enhance the power of deep rest and positively impacts the body and mind.

Which Mantra Is Good For Epilepsy?

The mantra good for epilepsy is TM, as it increases serotonin, which enhances one’s emotional well-being, mood, and more! Some of the best mantras for epilepsy are the Black Manjrushri mantra, the Health mantra, the Mirgi Nashak Mantra, or you can even recite

Om Haal Hal Mandiye Pudiye Shri Ramji Phunke,

 Mrigi Vayu Sukhe,

 Sukh Hoi,

Om Thah Thah Swaha.

What Should You Avoid If You Have Epilepsy?

If you want to avoid having epilepsy or overcome the symptoms of growing epilepsy further, you can prevent the intake of alcohol, ensure to eat regularly, and have regular sleep.

Routinely avoid engaging in stress-causing activities and reduce the consumption of carbonated and other drinks.

Dr. Fred Travis and Transcendental Meditation

Dr. Fred Travis is a distinguished neuroscientist who has dedicated much of his career to exploring the effects of Transcendental Meditation on brain functioning. As a renowned expert in the field, Dr. Travis has conducted extensive research demonstrating that TM can enhance brain coherence and efficiency. 

Dr Fred Travis explains meditations and brain coherence.

His work, which delves into the impact of meditation on cognitive processes, suggests that consistent practice can lead to improved mental health and overall brain function. Through his studies, Dr. Travis has become a pivotal figure in understanding the relationship between meditation and the brain’s potential for growth and healing.

Transcendental Meditation And Seizures

What Is Seizures?

Seizures are a type of condition caused by uncoordinated issues in the electrical signals in the brain. They can be temporary, short-term, or even long-term. Seizures primarily affect how one behaves, thinks, feels, and moves; changes are observed in one’s behaviors, movements, feelings, or awareness state.

Transcendental Meditation And Seizures

What Are The Symptoms Of Seizures?

The following are the critical symptoms observed if you have seizures:

  • Stiffness of the movements.
  • May have issues related to being conscious or even cause to fall.
  • Tremor or shaking.
  • Repetitive movements such as chewing or excess saliva coming from the mouth.
  • Continuous staring into a specific space.
  • Increase in the heart rate.
  • Turn to be vague, or a state of confusion.
  • Issues related to sensations.
  • Blinking of eyes and rolling eyes up.
  • Consisting of mental issues such as thinking-related issues.

Difference Between Epilepsy And Seizure

The following are the key differences observed between epilepsy and seizure:

  • Epilepsy is a type of chronic neurological disorder, but a seizure is an uncontrollable electrical disturbance caused in the brain.
  • The causes of epilepsy may vary between genetic predisposition, brain injury, infections, and developmental disorders. However, the seizures may differ based on the severity level, and duration may vary.
  • Also, seizures primarily show behavior, movements, feelings, and consciousness changes. However, epilepsy is a neurological condition.

How TM Helps To Heal Seizures

The following are how Transcendental Meditation (TM) helps to manage seizures:

  • Decrease the frequency of seizures: Based on the research studies, it is specified that the epileptic patients who practice TM have seen a reduction in the epileptic spikes. Thus, these changes are observed in the EEG readings.
  • Helps to normalize the brain activity: When patients practice TM, they have observed a couple of changes in EEG patterns, which helped to decrease the epileptic spikes. Also, paving the path to normalizing brain activity has helped to reduce the electrical disturbances caused in the brain related to seizures.
  • Ability to maintain physiological balance: Consider the impacts of TM, which helps preserve the state of deep rest and plasma lactate. Hence, the homeostatic feedback systems work together to enhance the physiological balance. Thus, this balance helps consistently reduce the occurrence of seizures.
  • Neurotransmitter Regulation: TM has helped increase serotonin levels to maintain a consistent mood and emotional balance. It has also helped decrease the rate of stress and anxiety.
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What Helps During Seizures?

Activities that help during seizures are practicing TM, staying calm, ensuring to be away from sharp objects to prevent injuries, noting down the duration of seizures to have proper medications, and avoiding straining yourself.

Can Meditation Help With Seizures?

Yes, meditation helps to reduce the symptoms of seizures. The relaxation techniques used in meditation help to reduce the stress and anxiety caused to an individual. Also, it helps to enhance overall well-being and implement healthy seizure management strategies.

What Activities Reduce Seizures?

Many activities and seizures, such as Meditation, allow you to lead a boned and healthy lifestyle, reduce stress rates, enhance respiratory levels, maintain a consistent sleep schedule, and avoid states that trigger seizures.

Transcendental Meditation And Multiple Sclerosis

Transcendental Meditation And Multiple Sclerosis

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a type of medication condition that affects both the brain and spinal cord of an individual. It can sometimes become a lifelong condition or even a treatable symptom.

However, if it is a lifelong condition, it may result in a serious type of disability. However, research shows that the condition can be solved during one’s 20s, 30s, and 40s.

What Are The Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis?

The following are the key symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

  • Causes issues such as fatigue and vision problems (partial or loss of vision in one or both eyes).
  • They have electric shocks in the neck and difficulties moving or bending the neck.
  • Double visions
  • Blurry visions
  • May have trouble related to walking
  • May consistent problems in the bladder, tingling, cause numbness in different parts of the body
  • Difficulties in speech
  • May consist of muscle stiffness
  • May have cognitive problems
  • Lack of body balance and poor coordination
  • May have mental issues related to limited abilities of learning and thinking
  • Consist of consistent disturbances in mind

How TM Helps To Heal Multiple Sclerosis?

The following are the key effects of the transcendental meditation would help to overcome the conditions and symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis:

1. Ability to reduce stress: A couple of patient reports suggest that the TM had helped to reduce the stress levels of fatigue. Thus, lowering stress and anxiety helps to reduce the psychological and physiological issues related to the MS.

2. Enhance the energy levels: TM helps to enhance the energy level rate after each meditation session. Hence, enhancing the energy level helps to improve the rate of life for patients associated with MS.

3. Enhance the quality of life: TM has a positive effect on patients who have chronic diseases, such as MS. It enhances tolerance to medical treatments, increases energy levels, and has a positive effect on life.

4. Prevent infections: Maintaining continuous TM practices helps to lower the risk of diseases, such as colds, flu, and pneumonia. Also, individuals who have MS have a low immune system, paving the path for the risk of causing infections. Hence, TM helps overcome infection risk and ensure a healthy life.

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Can Meditation Help With Multiple Sclerosis?

Yes, meditation helps with multiple sclerosis. Meditation practices such as TM help enhance the quality of life and energy levels while decreasing the infection risk.

What Is Brain Stimulation Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis?

Brain stimulation therapy is activating or invoking brain activity by using electricity. Here, the electricity waves directly go through electrodes placed on the brain or travel indirectly through electrodes in the scalp.

Transcendental Meditation And Tinnitus

Transcendental Meditation And Tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition in which your ears are filled with sounds; technically, no one else hears the same sound. Many people are affected by tinnitus in their daily lives.

However, it is not a type of disease. It is a sign or symptom signifying as a result of other medical conditions. Even though this disease is not curable, you can seek help by practicing many activities to handle the situation.

The following are the types of sounds heard if you are facing Tinnitus:

  • Buzzing sound
  • Clicking sound
  • Humming sound
  • Roaring sound
  • Hissing sound

How Does TM Help To Heal Tinnitus?

By engaging in TM, the following are the key benefits expected to overcome Tinnitus:

  • Ability to decrease blood pressure.
  • Helps to maintain the blood circulation process and blood cortisol levels and decreases the heart rate.
  • Helps to slow down the respiratory rate.
  • Decrease the anxiety levels..

Can Meditation Help Tinnitus?

Yes, meditation can help to reduce Tinnitus. It helps to concentrate well on a subject, enhances relaxation, and maintains a good sleeping routine. Even though meditation for Tinnitus can happen in various ways, such as using hearing aids, counseling, therapy, and medication, it is a consistent process to help the individuals who are affected.

What Is The Quick Trick To Stop Tinnitus?

There is no simple or quick trick to stopping Tinnitus. However, you can control it by taking medications, participating in therapies, counseling, and engaging in other activities.

Can B12 Cure My Tinnitus?

Yes, for some patients with Tinnitus, Vitamin B12 helps cure It, as it may also be caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency.


In conclusion, there are both curable and incurable diseases in the world. However, you can control the symptoms and effects of diseases such as Epilepsy, Seizure, Multiple sclerosis, and Tinnitus by Transcendental meditation.

We hope this guide explains each disease, its symptoms, and how TM can bring about positive change.

FAQs on Transcendental Meditation and Neurological Conditions

What Is The Strange Feeling Before A Seizure?

One of the strange feelings before a seizure is feeling funny, dizzy, jerking, twitching, fainting, headaches, vomiting, loss of stiffness, and even blackouts.

Can meditation help neurological disorders?

Yes, meditation can be beneficial for neurological disorders. Studies suggest that practices like mindfulness meditation may lead to long-lasting changes in the brain, potentially reducing the degeneration associated with various neurological conditions.

What Is The Most Successful Treatment For Tinnitus?

Even though medications cannot cure Tinnitus, drugs such as tricyclic antidepressants and alprazolam can help to some extent. However, practicing TM would show significant changes over time in the long run.

Can meditation rewire brain neurons?

Meditation is associated with neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Research indicates that meditation can modulate brain mechanisms that affect brain structure and function, essentially rewiring brain neurons to enhance cognitive and emotional well-being.

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