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Healing Frequencies of the Human body
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Healing Frequencies of the Human Body

Last Updated : September 27, 2023
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In this article, we will discuss the healing frequencies of the human body and how can we use them for better health. Humans have long understood the essence and relevance of music on the human brain, but what if I tell you that there are certain frequencies of sound that can be used to accelerate our brain activities?

In ancient times, people in Greece used both healing and music as a kind of medicine and connect them both in their theology in the form of Apollo. In contemporary times, these healing frequencies of the human body can be easily achieved through different methods.

What are the Healing Frequencies of the Human Body?

Research studies have shown that sound has a profound effect on the mind and bodies of humans. Certain frequencies directly affect brainwaves and enhance inner peace by healing the body and mind. These frequencies have a magical power to manipulate the human mind and transform consciousness from one state to another in terms of feeling. These frequencies are called the healing frequencies of the human body.

Apart from healing frequencies, music can also alter human consciousness. Music is the only mesmerizing art with simply amazing sounds that evokes emotional responses inside the human body and gives an outlet to buried and suppressed feelings. Using many vibrational instruments such as gongs and singing bowls are used to create waves and frequencies that appeal to both human emotions and human consciousness.

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How to Heal Mind and Body?

Nikola Tesla very beautifully said,

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

The understanding of physical and non-physical ways of life requires imagination and creativity. Apart from all these things frequency is not visible but we can easily feel its existence.  When a honey bee passes near our ear we can easily feel the beats of her wing. That beating happens at an incredible speed and produces fast vibrations and we hear them in terms of flapping sounds.

Healing frequencies of the human body work in the same way but we need to feel those vibrations very deeply. You can feel the frequency of a negative person so quickly because you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Your feeling of uneasiness is an example because you sense something that is affecting your mind and body.

For centuries, human beings are agreeing with the prominent effect of sound on the human body and mind. With the discovery of music and chanting the boundaries of healing effects of frequencies and sound.  It is important to keep in mind that certain frequencies can be used as therapy to heal the human brain and to enhance the inner peace of our body and mind.

Like food science, the science of sound is an emerging topic of research nowadays with its applications in various fields like Psychological treatments, Ayurvedic therapies, etc.

How do the Healing Frequencies work on the Human Body?

Humans have been familiar with the fact that Instrumental sounds can be used as a remedy to elevate anxiety and depression, that’s maybe a reason that we have evolved music to its current stage.

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Using modern technologies and methods to physically delve into the brain, It’s been proven that exposure to different frequencies can alleviate psychiatric issues such as depression and anxiety.

How do healing frequencies impact the human body?

There is a whole spectrum of frequencies but among all, only a specific range of frequencies is considered practiced in meditation therapy worldwide and these are called Solfeggio frequencies.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with various aspects of body and mind health. These frequencies are reputed to date back to ancient history and are said to be the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions and ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Following are the Solfeggio frequencies and their related properties:

            396 Hz: liberation from negative feelings

            528 Hz: miracles and DNA repair

            639 Hz: interpersonal relationships

            852 Hz: spiritual enlightenment

What’s so special about 528 Hz?

Here’s one frequency that is of great interest to both the scientific and spiritual community, 528 Hz.

528 Hz is known for its connection to the vibrations and frequencies found in the natural world, such as the vibrations of chlorophyll. According to advocates for 528 Hz healing, this is the frequency with which it vibrates. 

Benefits of the Healing Frequencies of the Human body

Healing frequencies of the human body can directly affect physical, emotional, and psychological health. There are many ways in which these frequencies are regarded as a medicine for the human mind and body. The sound frequency of 40hz has the potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease. These frequencies are like gamma rays and they stimulate those areas of the human brain in which memories are stored. The sound frequency of 174hz has the power to reduce physical and mental pain.

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We can easily cure anxiety and stress by experiencing such healing frequencies daily. 285 hertz sound frequencies can stimulate the body into cellular regeneration and enable it to heal itself from any kind of injury. For an example of 285-hertz therapy. 396Hz healing frequency is good for demolishing negative feelings, fears, and anxiety. It is some kind of spiritual music that helps us to remove the feeling of guilt. 417-hertz therapy is designed to dissolve emotional blockages and activate the sacral chakra. For an example of 417-hertz therapy.

440hz is considered to be cerebral music because it has the magical power of stimulating and activating different body chakras. 639Hz sounds are famous for activating the heart chakra and are associated to produce positive feelings and encouraging clear communication. So next time you head up to listen to some music of your choice for mentally healing yourself, remember to have your hands over these sophisticated Healing Frequencies of the Human Body.

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