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Kosha 5 Yoga Studio partner yoga
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Kosha 5 Yoga Studio

Kosha 5 Yoga Studio

Client feedback

If you're looking for a yoga studio in the Fullerton area, I highly recommend Kosha!

All of the instructors here are very warm, welcoming, and friendly. I am currently doing the 2 week special for $49 and plan to sign up for the monthly unlimited membership. Zarfeen, the owner, helped me get signed up and has been extremely inviting since my first class.

The studio has various classes for all mixed levels that are on the pamphlet. My favorite class has been the Infuse (intermediate) class with Nozomi, Zarfeen, Elizabeth, Eleni, and Emily (haven't had the chance to try the rest of the instructors) and the Spunk class that includes yoga, cardio, resistance bands, and weights (Love this class with Melany and Zarfeen). Both classes are very upbeat and I find myself sweating from start to finish! I always leave both classes in the best mood-- mentally and physically.

I have also taken the Calm class that leaves me with a great stretch and feeling at peace. The studio's morning classes (9am or 10:30 am) usually has about 2-5 people, but I'm sure there are more people who attend the evening classes! Unfortunately, there are no classes that are earlier than 9am if you're looking for something for an earlier start, but they do have evening classes if you can't make the 9am/10:30 am classes. At this time, they do not offer hot yoga (as Zarfeen mentioned to me), but all the classes they have to offer give you an experience where you'll want to come back.

The small, but quaint studio has only one single room, so only one class goes on a time. They also have yoga mats for you to use (for free) if you do not bring one and there's also small sweat towels to use for you to dispose of after. The studio also has a spray bottle and wipes to use to wipe down your yoga mat before/after class. They do not have any locker rooms, but they do have Bins were you can place your belongings. Before each class, the instructors always lock the front door to prevent any break ends or late walk-ins. There is also two hour parking on the street right in front of the studio or you can park in the retail parking underground (free), just be sure to not leave any valuables in the car.

Overall, Zarfeen and her team are so warm and kindhearted. You can practice yoga anywhere, so why not do it around those who welcome you in!

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Special for $49 and plan to sign up for the monthly unlimited membership.
Wheelchair Accessible
1:1 sessions available
Garage Parking, Street Parking / Bike Parking

Business Hours

8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:15 PM
7:45 AM - 9:00 PM
7:30 AM - 8:15 PM
7:15 AM - 1:45 PM
7:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Contact Information

229 E Commonwealth Ave Ste C Fullerton, CA 92832
Zip/Post Code
CA 92832


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