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The Power of Guided Transcendental Meditation

Experience the Power of Guided Transcendental Meditation: How a Certified Teacher Can Enhance Your Practice

Last Updated : September 29, 2023
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Hereby, we are talking about how a teacher can enhance your practice and how you can experience the power of guided transcendental meditation in the presence of a certified transcendental meditator. We will start with what TM is and then will look at what benefits you can get while having the teacher for a TM practicing.

Transcendental meditation involves the repetition of a mantra for around 20 minutes twice a day and is a technique that with regular practice gives you peace, comfort, focus, and deeper inner self-realization. Transcendental meditation is an effortless practice that you can perform daily while keeping your eyes closed.

But wait! Is it possible to perform TM on your own or do you truly need a teacher to guide you the right way?

If yes, then how a certified teacher can enhance your practice of reaching the transcendence stage?

In the guide written below I would be focusing on the points that will help you to experience the power of guided transcendental meditation and how can a professional teach you to get the best out of your TM practice.

Let’s look at the significance of transcendental meditation guides and how they can help you achieve the most out of TM practice.

Deep Transcendental Meditation

Deep transcendental meditation is all about achieving a state of well-being, consciousness, serenity, and inner peace. It uses a mantra that you have to repeat continuously in your mind to distract your attention and focus on the inner self to discover the next level of consciousness and the state of transcendence that too in the presence of peace.

When you practice deep transcendental meditation, it puts you in a constant state of relaxed awareness to let you focus on the present without being judgmental of one’s self. It gives you deeper levels of relaxation, deeper levels of focus, and in-depth calmness to let you face high levels of transcendence and discover the reserves of energy within you.

Can Transcendental Meditation Be Guided?

Well, transcendental meditation is an effortless technique that you can perform on your own but the route of transcendental meditation is initiated by searching for a certified TM teacher and learning the courses from him. You have to take different courses to learn the exact practice to get the most out of it. And these courses are completed mainly in one-to-one learning sessions.

The instructors of TM should be licensed and trained under the Maharishi foundation individually so they can help you get the most out of the practice. Well, around 40000 teachers are globally present that are licensed and trained under Maharishi Foundation USA.

The certified teachers give you the right mantra that is truly your personal and is selected according to your gender, age, and requirement.

Since TM depends totally on the mantra and the benefits of TM are according to the mantra you use, you have to make sure that the mantra you are practicing in your TM is selected by a professional TM teacher. That is why transcendental meditation should be guided and should be practiced under the supervision of professionals, instead of on your own.

The Benefits of Guided TM

The Benefits of Guided TM
The Benefits of Guided Transcendental Meditation

Of course, guided TM is comparatively more efficient and more beneficial when compared with the meditation practices you perform on your own. In guided TM there is a certified instructor who gives you the best suitable mantra for you that you have to repeat. Let us look at what are the key benefits of guided TM and how guided TM can help beginners.

Key Benefits Of Guided TM

  • You ought to get the right mantra for your practice.
  • Guided TM ensures that you have learned the practice thoroughly.
  • It helps in reduction of the stress, pressure, and strains while maximizing overall mental health and creativity.
  • Guided TM improves concentration, focus, and self-esteem and decreases the severe symptoms of irritability and mood disorders.
  • Enhancement in clarity of feelings and thoughts is significantly seen when TM is practiced under proper guidance.
  • The TM performed under proper supervision makes you feel better and enhances the quality of life and improves inner peace that ultimately gives you the energy and strength to face daily life strains and stresses.

How Guided TM Can Help Beginners?

Since transcendental meditation demands ultimate focus and concentration, when it comes to the TM practiced by beginners, it becomes quite difficult for them to maintain their attention at one specific point. When you practice TM under guidance it not only makes it easier for you to learn the practice but also makes it more profitable and more beneficial as compared to the unguided meditation practice.

Let’s look at the advantages of guided transcendental meditation for beginners. The meditation accessories make your meditation journey complete and effective.

Guided TM is known to make the beginner follow the practice easily and effortlessly. Since TM demands the focusing of your thoughts on one specific point, there are chances that the beginners divert their attention unintentionally. Hereby, a guide will help you and show you the right way to keep your attention specific to one point.

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Guided TM also helps beginners to keep their attention. It helps the brain to minimize anxious emotions and maximize the deeper peacefulness inside your body. Guided TM helps you approach your thoughts and guide you on exactly what you need and what you should spend your energy on.

Moreover, it helps beginners get their right mantra in the presence of an instructor. This is because you cannot select your mantra as the mantra depends upon your age, gender, and what you need from the TM practicing. Plus, guided TM also helps in getting peaceful sleep and minimizing stressful thoughts for longer.

The Benefits Of Having a Teacher Guide The Meditation Process

The Benefits Of Having a Teacher
The Benefits Of Having a Teacher

Consistent transcendental meditation practicing under certified and licensed transcendental meditation teachers helps you manage your lifestyle healthily and productively. It provides you with a broad range of benefits including,

  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improvement in cognition, main memory, and attention
  • Increase in happiness
  • Improved well being
  • Eternal peace
  • Deeper positive changes in your brain
  • Helps deal with the cravings
  • Noticeable decrease in unconscious biases.

How To Practice Guided TM

Practicing guided transcendental meditation involves two basic steps.

  • Finding a certified TM teacher
  • The process of a guided TM session

We are going to explain both of these below so you are aware of how to find the right teacher and how to perform the guided TM to make it more profitable and fruitful for the practitioner.

Finding A Certified TM Teacher

To practice guided TM in the right way, the first thing that you have to focus on is selecting the instructor. Since the practice is taught one on one by professional, licensed, and trained individuals from the Maharishi foundation, the first step that you have to take to learn TM is to find a good instructor.

There are around 40,000 + teachers licensed by Maharishi Foundation USA. Maharishi Foundation USA is a federally renowned non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization named after its founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The Process Of a Guided TM Session

The practice involves several sessions under the personalized interactive guidance of an instructor. You just have to sign up for a TM course after finding the teacher. The course comes with four sessions in which the first one is one on one personal instruction sessions with your instructor and the other three are small group sessions.

These can be personal or can be virtual depending on the course. TM course helps you learn everything you should be aware of to be self-sufficient for practicing TM without the instructor. Moreover, some of the official organizations also provide you with an offer of free lifetime follow-up and support in case you need it.

Popular Guided TM Teachers

I am going to enlist 3 of the popular transcendental meditation guides from where you can take help if you are truly looking to get help from a professional instructor of TM practicing.

Popular Guided TM Teachers
Popular Guided TM Teachers

Bob Roth Guided Transcendental Meditation

Bob Roth is one of the most professional, experienced, and certified instructors of meditation in America. He has written several books on TM that have already been translated into more than 20 languages. Bob Roth has been in the field of teaching TM to 1000s of people for the last 40 years.

According to Bob Roth,

“Transcendental meditation is a very simple technique. It’s Simple not because it is simplistic or a beginner’s meditation but because there is a very profound elegance to the practice “.

He says “it’s effortless in contrast to many other meditations which involve concentration or control of the mind”

Deepak Chopra Guided Transcendental Meditation

Deepak Chopra the founder of the Chopra foundation is working for the well-being of humanity and modern-day health. He is a world-renowned pioneer of alternative medicine and personal transformation. Deepak Chopra has been in the field of teaching meditation and writing books on meditation for the last many years.

If you are looking for the best-guided sleep transcendental meditation, you can contact Deepak Chopra and you will be amazed by practicing meditation under his guidance. With several books on meditation and thousands of articles he not only is teaching TM but also is one of the renowned practitioners of transcendental meditation.

Guided Meditation With Raphael Reiter

Raphael Reiter is a well-known meditation guide who is a certified YouTuber, podcaster, and life coach. He mainly focuses on transcendental meditation and its practices.

He has thousands of followers on YouTube and has hundreds of videos relevant to transcendental meditation helping you as a guide to practice TM regularly and constantly. Attached here are some of the most famous videos of Raphael Reiter’s concentrated meditation guide so that you can visit the page and can get the most out of it.

Personal Experiences with Guided TM

Personal Experiences with Guided TM
Personal Experiences with Guided TM

Paola Varvaro

Paola Varvaro is a worker in digital film restoration mainly in (Framestore CFC, London; Deluxe, Venice; Technicolor, Hollywood, and New York). She talks about her experience of transcendental meditation that she has performed under the guidance of an instructor.

She says

“At the end of my first meditation, I felt much lighter. I felt the benefit immediately and I love my mantra and I like the fact that I promised not to tell anyone it feels special.”

Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson is a motivational speaker, a writer, and one of the best-selling authors of (Don’t sweat the small stuff; An hour to live, An hour to love). She is a mentor for many girls of the present time. She says about her transcendental meditation practice,

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” Until my TM practice, I was sleeping and working around with the slow hum of twisted trauma all balled up in a knot of fear, right in my power center”. She says, “Now, it is undoing itself, slowly but surely, letting go of fear, anxiety, and feelings of not being safe and replacing them with a deeper resolve of rested calm”.

20-minute Guided Transcendental Meditation

TM instructors often recommend practicing transcendental meditation for 20 minutes two times a day. Many types of research have shown that meditation practice when performed 40 to 45 minutes per day results in enhancing the relaxation in your body and mind and minimizing stress levels. Guided transcendental meditation includes 4 sessions.

When you find the TM instructor, at first he will give you a mantra from the list of transcendental meditation mantras. And after getting satisfied with your mantra, the teacher will ask you to focus on the vibration and sound of your mantra.

Now you have to sit in a comfortable space with your eyes closed and start relaxing. You have to settle down your thoughts to one specific point and practice meditation for 20 minutes continuously.

The ideal time for meditation is practicing just before breakfast and dinner. Keep in mind that you have to start your TM practicing with a quit of 30 seconds. Now start repeating the mantra, the teacher has given you constantly in your mind during the session.

Keep one more thing in mind, there is no right and no wrong in transcendental meditation. Just sit there, relax, and free your mind from the clutter of thoughts and that’s all!

The Best-Guided Transcendental meditation

Several courses are available for you to learn the best guided transcendental meditation. Some of them are free of cost and some of them are with charges. Several apps are available on the App store so you can download them from there and learn transcendental meditation.

Try the official transcendental meditation app to start your meditation journey.

Free Guided Transcendental Meditation

If you are looking for a free transcendental meditation guide, there are several options available online. You can search on Google, look at YouTube videos, and read books but you should select a professional TM instructor who is certified by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi institute. It’s better to go with one on one instruction by a certified and licensed TM instructor instead of going for a free TM guide on your own.

Still, if you are looking for the best and most structured way to learn transcendental meditation free of cost, I will recommend you to go with the “One giant mind” app. This app is not only effective but also very easy to follow.

It comes with a 12-step structure program and gives you a 30 days challenge to develop transcendental meditation daily in your routine as a habit. Click on the link to know more about One Giant Mind.

Self-Guided Transcendental Meditation

Self-guided transcendental meditation involves practicing TM on your own. You can simply find the resources in videos, books, YouTube, Reddit, and other relevant apps. But it is preferred to learn the TM from a certified instructor so that you can get the best benefits out of practicing.

This is because the certified teachers have almost 5 months of residence training and they know exactly what the person wants and how he can get the most benefits out of transcendental meditation.

Moreover, a personalized teacher gives you one-on-one attention to train you in this technique of transcendental meditation. Still, if you want to learn TM on your own, here are some links for you.

  • Blissful deep relaxation
  • Life changing 20 minutes guided meditation by DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal Video Link
  • Brain Healing Sounds by DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal Video Link

Guided Transcendental Meditation For Beginners

Headspace is one of the best-known guided transcendental meditations available for beginners to help them learn transcendental meditation in the best possible way. The app comes with a two-week free trial and an annual subscription of around $69.99 per year.

With a user-friendly guide and a length of 1 to 20 minutes, Headspace is one of the best-known popular transcendental meditation apps that gives you hundreds of meditations to give you the choice you choose from. Headspace helps you learn deep breathing and helps you develop focus with constant practice.

How Do You Do Transcendental Meditation Alone?

The first thing that you have to do before starting transcendental meditation is to select your mantra. Allotting the mantra to yourself involves two basic steps: it should sound meaningless and the vibration of the mantra should have a resonance to it. You have to make sure that the mantra you are selecting is meaningless so that it does not divert your attention toward the meaning of the mantra.

Similarly, you have to make sure that the mantra you are selecting has an actual vibrational frequency to trigger the soothing and calming area of your mind. After selecting the mantra you have to set your location. Find a place where you can sit easily and comfortably for longer. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax.

Now focus on your mantra for 20 minutes. Ensuring to keep your focus only on one specific point is your mantra. Since the mantra is meaningless, it will help you in enhancing your concentration and focus. After 20 minutes do not just quickly stand up instead wait for a while until you feel conscious and ready. And you are done with it.

Read about our blog on how to do transcendental meditation.

Guided Transcendental Meditation App

The official Transcendental Meditation App

A transcendental meditation app is a tool made for the app store for learners of TM practicing. It is made for TM meditators to help them and provide support them. The app is available by invitation only in the current state but the developers have said that they are adding new features and expanding the ways to capture more audience.

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Transcendental Meditation App
Transcendental Meditation App

This transcendental meditation guide app was originated by Maharishi foundation international, so you can reliably install it and can use it without any complications. There is this digital follow-up of the TM course for you in the app that is made compatible with the modern lifestyle. You are provided with videos and notes to stay confident and consistent with the practice.

Moreover, this free transcendental meditation app assists you in ensuring that you are staying on track while practicing TM daily. It keeps you consistent and provides you with tips to help you in your practice.

Moreover, there is this TM library that you have access to get educational helpful articles, videos, and other empowering stories free of cost within the app. You also take help from them.

Following is the link to the app that you can easily download and perform transcendental meditation effortlessly. Download the Transcendental meditation App.

Guided Transcendental Meditation For Sleep

Many resources have shown that the regular practice of transcendental meditation minimizes insomnia by approximately 30 to 65%. Regular practicing of TM not only increases the serotonin but also helps in regulating the mood and making sleep-wake cycles normal.

There are several transcendental meditation musics for sleep guides that you can easily find on YouTube and online. Here are some direct links for you from the well-known transcendental meditation guides.

Click on the guide and visit the page to get the best transcendental meditation guide for sleep.

Guided Transcendental Meditation Podcasts

Listening to a transcendental meditation podcast is something that most of us prefer to get relief from anxiety, stress, and tension. After listening to the right transcendental meditation podcast you get to feel more energized, fresh, and more focused.

Podcasts are digitally formatted audio distributors available over the internet so that you can download the audio recording and can listen.

Here is the list of best transcendental meditation podcasts that you can rely on and can spend time practicing TM to get the best possible results of transcendental meditation.

Click on the links below and go through the best transcendental meditation podcast guide to help you learn meditation and practice simply by listening to the guide.

Guided Meditations Vs Transcendental Meditation

Guided meditation is comparatively very different from transcendental meditation. Guide meditation is a meditation that is performed under the supervision and is done to train your mind to work in a certain specific way.

On the other hand, transcendental meditation is an effortless way to enhance consciousness and involves no training, no control, and no concentration practicing.

Similarly, transcendental meditation uses a mantra that is repeated by the practitioner and is a meaningless word or phrase mainly belonging to the Sanskrit language.

Whereas other meditation practices do not involve the use of mantras, instead they are simple procedures and steps to enhance focus and develop and train your mind in a certain specific way.

Final Thoughts

This above-mentioned article tells you about the best possible experience that you can get with the power of guided TM and how a certified teacher can help you learn transcendental meditation in the best possible way.

I have covered everything related to deep transcendental meditation practice, its significance, and how you can take help from a professional TM instructor.

Several links are mentioned above that will take you directly toward the TM practice to help you develop focus, concentration, and next-level consciousness and awareness.

Read the details so you are aware of everything about how you can get the best positive effects of guided transcendental meditation for inner peace and deeper relaxation.

FAQs on Guided Transcendental Meditation

Can transcendental meditation be harmful?

Generally, transcendental meditation is safe and there are no harmful effects that have been noticed at the end of TM practice. On the other hand, since TM is quite still, it sometimes may trigger PTSD, anxiety, and schizophrenia. It’s important to discuss the medical and mental health conditions before initiating TM practicing with your TM teacher.

Why is transcendental meditation different?

Transcendental meditation is generally different from other types of meditation. This is because transcendental meditation involves no focus and no deeper concentration steps. Unlike other practices, TM does not control your mind nor is tough to do. It is enjoyable and very effortless to do.

Can transcendental meditation help tinnitus?

Well TM cannot directly heal tinnitus but it can help get relief from the symptoms of tinnitus. Since tinnitus is triggered because of the irregular supply of blood to the inner ear and high blood pressure, regular practice of TM helps in decreasing the blood pressure levels and helps regulate the blood evenly to every part of the body ultimately helping you get relief from tinnitus symptoms.

Where to learn transcendental meditation?

You should learn TM from a professional instructor that is certified and licensed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Institute US. You have to make sure that you are learning the TM technique from a professional guide as it is one on one practice and depends on four sessions. Selecting the TM teacher is the first thing when planning to learn TM so make sure to put your focus on and select the adequate teacher to guide you on the right path of TM.

When to do transcendental meditation?

You can perform meditation any time during the day but it is recommended for you perform TM before breakfast and dinner. You have to perform the practice twice a day and have to meditate for 20 minutes generally.

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