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Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

Unleash Your Full Potential with the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

Last Updated : September 29, 2023
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Let us take a precise look at the TM Sidhi program to bring collective consciousness and deliver next-level peace not only within us but also around us for the whole world.

Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program here with us is a simple, easy, and dedicated piece of writing created by experts to help you deal with yourself and your surroundings with peace, power, and a level of full consciousness beyond normality.

Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

In simple words, Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program is the state of enlightenment and the next step of transcendental meditation. It takes you directly toward the full realization of yourself including your potential and abilities. The TM Sidhi Program cultivates your mind to make it ready for thinking beyond normality. We’ll coordinately unleash your full potential with the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program here.

Sidhi program is the next level of transcendental meditation that maximizes the benefits of TM by adding happiness, health, peace, and delight and by making you more devoted towards yourself. The details here tell you everything about the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program including the research, its benefits, and the personal experiences of the program on the learners.

TM vs TM Sidhi Program
TM vs TM Sidhi Program

Maharishi Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

Transcendental meditation Sidhi program involves the transcending of thoughts and experiences to feel the blissfulness of consciousness beyond normal activities and thinking abilities. This program helps in cultivating the thinking ability that is the most powerful and better in its potential.

Sidhi’s program immediately enhances the overall benefits of TM including happiness, and health, and also makes sure you realize your full potential and capabilities. This also helps in keeping you in a state of enlightenment for longer.

Moreover, the Sidhi meditation program when performed collectively by millions of people in large groups is termed an Advanced TM Sidhi Program. The effects of this collective energetic activity become extremely powerful, peaceful, and the most blissful not only for one’s self but for the whole surrounding environment mainly for pure consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation

Well starting with the main concept of transcendental meditation, I’ll divert your attention toward the natural meditation technique that not only is easy to learn but also effortless to perform.

TM is known to be one of the most enjoyable meditation techniques that when practiced regularly minimizes the stress and pressures of the brain and increases the power, energy, focus, and resilience to disease in yourself.

Transcendental meditation is so common now that it is practiced by millions of people throughout the globe including stars, sportspersons, and celebrities. Over time, there are advancements in transcendental meditation that are taking it to the next level in advantages. The Sidhi program is one of those advancements.

The Difference between Transcendental Meditation and the Sidhi Program

Transcendental meditation is the smoothening and silencing of an active mind to make it easy, relaxed, and peaceful. Alternatively, the transcendental meditation Sidhi program is reactivating that silenced moment within itself. These moments are similar to the ripples on the smooth water surface that are planning to go to their farthest reach.

Similarly, transcendental meditation settles down the active mind and makes it experience a silent environment. But this Sidhi program takes the mind to the next level of silence and trains it to function in this silent environment by making thoughts more powerful and beneficial.

The scientific research on transcendental meditation Sidhi program found that the practice involved in this program promotes and takes your brain functioning to the optimal level by integrating the brain functioning that is the EEG coherence. The transcendental meditation Sidhi program involves meditation practices mainly yogic flying.

Yogic Flying
Yogic Flying

How does the Sidhi Program Work?

The Sidhi program is an advanced step of transcendental meditation. It involves the training of acting, behaving, and thinking from the base level of transcendental consciousness, ultimately maximizing the coordination between body and mind.

The transcendental meditation Sidhi program is basically for those who are practicing transcendental meditation for the last few months regularly. The program is based mainly on Patanjali yoga sutras. Where TM settles the active mind, the TM Sidhi program reactivates that settled mind to focus on all the possibilities and the laws of nature to meet and strengthen the inner self.

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Moreover, the Sidhi program involves the full coordination between mind and body to develop, promote and enhance the perfection in whatever action you are making. The Sidhi program involves the teaching of training your mind to look beyond the level of pure consciousness and to act at think from this level to the next level of thoughts and actions.

How Can I be a Sidhi?

Sidhi is explained as extraordinary powers of the body and soul that are developed via constant meditation practices, and grueling and uncomfortable tapas or are developed through the natural weakening of the maturity and yogic. This means if you want to be a true siddhi you have to join the TM Sidhi program and should practice the siddhi phenomenons properly.

You have to learn all of those four advanced-level techniques before joining the TM Sidhi program within 2 months before applying for registration. Keeping it in mind, make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements of joining a Sidhi program if you want to be a true siddhi.

Yogic Flying

Yogic flying is one of the most powerful aspects of the transcendental meditation Sidhi program. It is the phenomenon of the body in which the body rises in the air and moves forward in small chunks as a response to the natural law and physiology connections. This yogic flying works in a combination with a feeling of lightness, bubbling bliss, and exhilaration, making itself one of the most powerful and the most beneficial steps in the transcendental meditation Sidhi program.

The scientific research on yogic flying shows that there is a noticeable positive correlation between consciousness and the excess of alpha EEG mainly in the 4 areas of the brain. This integration connection and coherence of the brain and body becomes maximum and takes your body up in the air.

Moreover, when this yogic flying is practically performed in a group the effects become doubled and triple minimizing negative surroundings and maximizing the positivities in all areas of our environment. This phenomenon is called the Maharishi effect by scientists and is done to deliver peace and invincibility throughout the world.

Benefits of the TM Sidhi Program
Benefits of the TM Sidhi Program

Who can Benefit from the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program?

Well, the transcendental meditation Sidhi program benefits not only the individual but also the group and spreads its positivity around the world. The practitioner of transcendental meditation Sidhi program develops creativity, a higher level of intelligence, learning abilities, and neurological efficiencies, simply by culturing an integration of EEG coherence in brain functioning.

This level of pure consciousness is the optimal state of the brain ultimately making the individual who is practicing easy, relaxed, and in the next level of peace. You can say a Sidhi program is an extension of a transcendental meditation program. Then comes the yogic flying. Yogik flying is one of the most important and powerful aspects of the transcendental meditation Sidhi program.

This involves the raising up of the body in the air that integrates with inner peace in addition to lightness and bubbling bliss feeling on the inside of the body. This yogic flying when practiced in a group benefits by simply minimizing the negative vibes in the surroundings and maximizing the positive feelings and spreading not only happiness, satisfaction, positive energy, and love in the surrounding but also widely spreading the positive vibes to the people living in the surrounding environment.

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The Benefits of the TM Sidhi Program

There are lots of benefits that are obtained after the transcendental meditation Sidhi program completion. More than 600 scientific researches showed the profound benefits of the TM Sidhi program on both mind and body, in addition to society and behavior. Following is a list of some of the basic benefits that you can achieve after joining the TM Sidhi program.

We have written a full article on the benefits of transcendental meditation. please read it for more depth knowledge.

Mind and Brain Benefits

  • Increases the Intelligence
  • Increase memory
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Affects academic performance positively
  • Makes you able to use the hidden brain reserves
  • Maximize the coherence of brain functioning

Health Benefits

  • Increase the physical and mental well being
  • Minimize insomnia and sleep-related issues
  • Maximize the energy and powers in the body
  • Noticeable reduction in the healthcare cost
  • Balance the blood pressure and sugar in the body
  • Younger biological age
  • Minimize the fatigue and stresses on the body

Personality and Relationship Benefits

  • Helps in increasing and developing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Minimize anxiety and depression
  • Increase emotional stability and tolerance
  • Develop an appreciation for others

Society Benefits

  • Enhances overall quality of the life
  • Minimize the crime rate
  • Minimize the violence and conflict in your surroundings
  • Maximizes the positive vibes
Scientific Researches on Sidhi Program
Scientific Researches on Sidhi Program

Scientific Researches on Sidhi Program

Since the transcendental meditation Sidhi program has gained fame and popularity, there are around 700 scientific research studies that are conducted at 200 universities and research institutes in 30 countries. The results of this research have a valid proof of the benefits you can achieve after joining the TM Sidhi course. Four of the research with their results and details are mentioned below.

1. The effects of the transcendental meditation and TM Sidhi program on the aging process

The research was conducted with 11 control group members, 33 short-term TM Sidhi participants, and 40 long-term TM Sidhi participants. And after conducting the research, the results showed that the average biological age of the control group was 2.2 years younger as compared to the general population, and the average biological age of the short-term transcendental meditation Sidhi program members was 5 years younger compared to the general population.

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However, the biological age of the long-term TM subjects was comparatively 12 years younger when compared with the average age of the general population. That transcendental meditation Sidhi program affects the specific mechanism in the neural regions of the brain that ultimately influence age-correlated physiological variables.

Read the full research article here.

2. Longitudinal Effects of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program on Cognitive Ability and Cognitive Style

This second research was conducted on 50 college students who were practicing the transcendental meditation Sidhi program. A noticeable increase of 3 to 5 years was found in performance on Group Embedded Figures Test and Culture Fair Intelligence Test in these college students.

The findings told us that the TM practice increases cognitive ability, effectiveness, and style noticeably. The results also showed that TM practicing regularly increases the positive effect mainly in the educational setting.

Read the full research article on longitudinal effects.

3. Systolic Blood Pressure and Long-Term Practice of the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi Program: Effects of TM on Systolic Blood Pressure

112 subjects were taken in the research who were practicing in transcendental meditation Sidhi programs. Their systolic blood pressure was measured and the age of the subjects was between 35 to 64 years. There was a significant difference in the systolic blood pressure of subjects and the general population.

Not only this but a noticeable difference was also observed between short-term practitioners of transcendental meditation and long-term participants of the transcendental meditation Sidhi program. The results and the findings of the research told that there were more beneficial effects on those subjects who were performing the TM Sidhi program for longer times.

Read the full research article on systolic blood pressure

4. The Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program and Decreased Urban Crime

There was a series of three studies that were conducted between two societies among random samples of US cities for over 5 years and metropolitan cities for over 6 years. The results showed that there was a decrease in the crime rate as a causal influence of the TM program.

The study also showed that violent crimes also decreased in the main district of Columbia in 2 years. The participants were, on one side those who are practicing transcendental meditation and the transcendental meditation Sidhi program, and on the other side those who were not practicing. The results were dominant and ensured a noticeable reduction in the crime rate.

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Quotes and Personal Experiences on Sidhi Program
Quotes and Personal Experiences on Sidhi Program

Quotes and Personal Experiences on Sidhi Program

Dr. Derek Cassells was the head of Maharishi School in England. The school was a conscious-based institution running for 23 years. He says,

“The atmosphere of a Consciousness-Based school is unique in everyone’s experience. Teachers say that it doesn’t matter how you feel when you get up in the morning, you feel better when you get to school. One of the government inspectors, when evaluating the school, said ‘this is the most harmonious group of teachers we’ve ever come across.’

Geir Utigard from Norway, Manager

‘The TM-Sidhi program has helped me achieve much more at work. Now I just start a task easily and it feels like a force is there to support and people are ready to help.’

Rita Benn, Ph.D., NIH advisor

“If the transcendental meditation program can facilitate students feeling better about themselves, it has huge implications for other areas of their lives. It may prevent mental health difficulties and it may reduce the likelihood of the need for medication”.

Dr. Girish Chandra Varma, Chancellor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya and Maharishi University of Management and Technology, India

‘Our colleges and universities do not select by entrance examination; we take everyone, and they rise to the top. This is the result of Consciousness-Based Education.’

William Stixrud, pH.D., a clinical neuropsychologist

“Stress is a major problem. Not only does stress interfere with functions such as attention, memory, organization, and integration but prolonged stress kills brain cells and shrinks the brain’s main memory structures. I have been a big fan of using transcendental meditation in schools for many years due in part to the programs and parallelled ability to create the experience of restful alertness. This state produces very high levels of coherence and orderliness in the functioning of the brain which results in the experience of increased peacefulness, harmony, mental clarity, and the ability to see things in perspective.

Cost of TM Sidhi Program
Cost of TM Sidhi Program

TM Sidhi Program Cost

The actual cost of the TM Sidhi program varies from area to area. It also varies from institute to institute. But still, somehow we have made it possible for you to collect the following details about the expense of learning the TM Sidhi program. All of the following enlisted quotations are taken from TM sponsored website.

  • The cost of personal instructions in transcendental meditation is somewhere around 1500.
  • Learning the first advanced technique is equal to 1500 dollars.
  • The second advanced technique, 3rd advanced technique, and fourth advanced technique are all equal to 1500 dollars cost.
  • The TM Sidhi program cost is somewhere around $5000.
  • And the actual cost of practicing TM Sidhi’s program at TM center is somewhere dollar 20 per month and dollar 240 per year.
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TM Advanced Techniques

TM advanced techniques are not only the course; instead, with the addition of another mantra, what you do is simply rehearse and practice the TM mantra repeatedly. With the advanced techniques, you get clearer, better, and more obvious benefits of transcendentalism.

The TM advanced technique includes the extra timing of transcending, meaning the silence. This ultimately helps in enriching the meditation and advances the benefits of meditation such as progress, growth, and development. These techniques are not taught daily instead are taught on specific days by the teacher from whom you are learning your transcendental meditation.

Centers for TM Sidhi Program
Centers for TM Sidhi Program

Find TM Sidhi Program USA

Following is the list of two different areas where you can find the TM Sidhi program in the USA. We are going to elaborate on the contact details and information about the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program in Fairfield Iowa and near Washington DC.

1. TM Sidhi Program Fairfield Iowa

The TM Sidhi program in Fairfield Iowa, USA is offered at the Peace Palace. The building is located on the west of the Maharishi International University campus. The organization teaches a transcendental meditation program, TM advanced program on the same concepts, as the programs taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Contact Information:

Address: 1040 N. 4th St. Fairfield, IA 52556

Betsy Dearborn


Phone: 641.919.1675

Olga Hopkins


Phone: 641.919.1300

2. TM Sidhi Program Near Washington DC

Near Washington DC you can find the Mother Divine program. This is one of the best programs of several courses including transcendental meditation and transcendental meditation Sidhi program to create a powerful influence of bliss and harmony throughout the world. The program was established in 1981 and was made specifically for ladies to focus on their self-development and spiritual growth. If you are looking to get registered in the Mother Divine program, then the following are the contact details for you.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-877-77-BLISS (1-877-772-5477) or 1-641-209-1835


3. TM Sidhi Program UK

If you live in the UK you can learn transcendental meditation and the transcendental meditation Sidhi program at Liverpool TM center. Leesha Gaffney is a teacher of transcendental meditation since 2013 and her husband David Avens also learned TM 40 years ago and now is a teacher teaching in the Liverpool TM system

Contact information:

Liverpool TM Centre

Leesha Gaffney and David Evans

Call or SMS: 0808 167 7144 or 0808 167 7144


4. TM Sidhi Program India

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vidyapeeth is the institute that was founded by Maharishi Yogi himself. It was established in the year 1982 and has already trained several pandits and scholars on different yoga practices like grah shanti, transcendental meditation, and transcendental meditation Sidhi program including yogic flying. We are providing you with the information of the contact and the address below so you can contact us if you are looking for the learning of transcendental meditation Sidhi program.

For contact:

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vidyapeeth

Ward 85, Chhan

Bhojpur Mandir Marg, Misrod

Bhopal – 462047 (M.P.)

Phone: +91-755-6767205


Final Thoughts

Here you can unleash your full potential with the transcendental meditation Sidhi program and take yourself to the next level simply by joining the program. The above-mentioned article about this program tells you the details of the transcendental meditation Sidhi program, where you can find it, what benefits it can provide you, and what are the in-depth details and concepts of Sidhi.

If you are interested in learning about the transcendental meditation Sidhi program and are looking to get enrolled in it, you can go through the above-mentioned article and can know about the Sidhi program in depth.

FAQs on Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

How to do asana siddhi?

Asana siddhi is a mix of two words. Asana stands for yoga posture and siddhi stands for attaining excellence and mastery. Based on Patanjali you can attain asana siddhi while meditating continuously for longer.

You have to put in more effort and increase the duration of meditation every day. When Yogi sits in such a poster smoothly without pressure and strain for more than three hours, this means you have attained Asana siddhi.

Is TM a real meditation?

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation the focus of which is to calm down your body into a state of full restfulness with alertness both at a time. Your body will physically be deeply relaxed and your mind would be in a silent environment but you are not sleeping and are awake and fully conscious.

This is called transcendental meditation so yes we can say transcendental meditation is a real meditation with advanced-level features and steps offering advanced benefits and next-level peace.

What are the 8 types of siddhis?

In Hindu scripture, the 8 types of most powerful siddhis include Anima, Garima, Mahima, Prapti, Prakamya, Laghima, Vashitva, and Istiva. These are the eight most powerful types of siddhis that belong to Hinduism.

All of these eight types of siddhis are different from each other and are the different powers that the practitioner of the Sidhi program can achieve one by one.

What are Siddhis powers?

There are 8 types of siddhi powers. The Sanskrit poem elaborates on all of these primary siddhis in the poem Mahabharat. This includes Anima: Atomization, Mahima: Immensity, Garima: Gravity, Laghima: Lightness, Prapti: Obtainment, Prakamya: Willful Moment, Ishitva: Dominion Vashitva: Holding of one power.

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