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Best Meditation Mantras

The Best Meditation Mantras

Last Updated : September 27, 2023
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In this article, we discuss everything about mantras and their application. Let’s take a look at the table of content that summarized the topics of this valuable article.

What is Mantra?

Meditation is always considered beneficial for the mental growth of human beings. Meditation can be divided into multiple categories and meditation through meditation chants is what we call mantra. Although, meditation chants can be very useful for the spiritual growth of oneself yet meditation through mantras can be done in one’s mind as well. It is fact that is widely accepted by many medical specialists that meditation through mantras always needs your spiritual guide, guru, or mentor.

Thus, it becomes crystal clear for any individual who is experiencing meditation mantras to focus on particular meditation chants that are suggested to him by his spiritual teacher, guru, or mentor.

Mantras can be personal as well. A personal mantra is a kind of motivation, a building point in your personality, and more specifically an inspiration for you to perform your best. Indeed personal mantra affects your body and soul at the time. Your personal mantra is the true self that informs you of what is happening within your body and soul.

The importance of utilizing personal mantras can be traced back to the early evolution of human beings. The significance of personal mantras helps shape the inner expressions and thoughts of an individual. Thus, we can put forward that personal mantras are very crucial in achieving one’s greatest purpose in life.

This mindfulness mantra or mantra sayings are always considered as one’s personal philosophy and slogans- words that you wish to live by. These mindfulness mantras in the form of mantra sayings can be also owned by business companies. It is through this mindfulness mantra that shapes itself in various mantra sayings or philosophical slogans, business companies attract their customers.

These companies use various nouns and phrasal verbs in the form of (not often) two words mantras. Two words mantras are also very common among business companies. Here is a list of a few important two words and mantras used by many individuals and international brands.

  • Make Believe by Sony
  • Open Happiness by Coca Cola
  • Carpe Diem by many individuals
  • Live Simply by many people

It is indeed a very difficult task to find out the best mantra meditation without talking to your spiritual mentor. When you find your best mantra, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. The role of the best mantra can only be realized when a person face-to-face experiences listening to various mantras. Listening to mantras benefits many individuals in controlling their blood pressure levels. Listening to mantras benefits many people in maintaining brain waves, heartbeats, and sugar levels. Thus we can say that listening to mantras benefits human beings both at a mental and physical level.

List of Mantras and their Benefits
Mantras and their Benefits

List of Mantras and their Benefits

Mantras can come in multiple varieties. In this section, we will mainly focus on the list of mantras and their benefits. The list of mantras and their benefits are chosen from the multidisciplinary field and the list of mantras and their benefits are critically viewed as well.

  1. Sanskrit Mantras

Although, Sanskrit is considered to be the dead language today yet its role in meditating mantras cannot be overlooked. Sanskrit mantras are indeed very powerful. These powerful Sanskrit mantras are very useful when practiced by individuals. Shlokas is one of the powerful Sanskrit mantras that help most individuals in the regulation and maintenance of heart and brain issues. Sanskrit mantras like the learning of the meaning of Shlokas can be very useful for human beings.

It helps in the production and maintenance of human cognitive function. The desire for retaining memory for a long time can be fulfilled by experiencing this kind of powerful Sanskrit mantras. Many medical researchers have proved that Sanskrit mantras like Shlokas can improve one’s immune system. Today, in this world of the Covid-19 pandemic, one can use these meditation mantras to build an immune system against these horrible and gruesome diseases.

  • Yoga Mantra

The yoga mantra is another type of meditation mantra. Yoga is an ancient Indian way of obtaining spiritual growth through the process of breathing, chanting, and making postures in a way that reduces stress levels. Yoga mantra is another powerful exercise in meditation mantras through the use of meditation sounds loud or in the mind or both at the same time to increase the level of self-awareness. The yoga mantra is also helpful in reducing stress issues in most individuals. It helps to make calm most individuals in hypertime. It is very fruitful in increasing the level of self-compassion and beneficial for developing a positive outlook.

  • Zen Mantra

Just like Yoga, the Zen mantra is also an important part of meditation mantras. As we know that Zen is closely associated with Buddhism- a major religion affecting a large number of people in South Asia and Southeast Asia. In the Zen mantra, sounds like “OMM” are spoken in a way that can be reflected within your body and soul. These sounds produce an effect within one’s body and soul that helps in the improvement of listening strategies, increasing energy levels, and producing a sensitive environment in individuals.

Zen mantra chants are always famous to produce gratitude, devotion, love, care, peace, and other fruitful outcomes that are necessary for the growth of the human mind and body

  • Lakshmi Mantra

Lakshmi mantra is another aspect of meditation mantras. It is purely based on the rich Hindu tradition of the Lakshmi Japa Goddess. This particular chanting of the Lakshmi Japa Goddess is very common among the Hindu people. They do such chanting so that Lakshmi Goddess may provide prosperity and wealth. Lakshmi mantra is also famous for the blessing of beauty and good health. The most common benefits of the Lakshmi mantra are worldly- mainly focusing on the benefits of one’s private business.

  • Good Luck Mantra Chant
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Good luck mantra chant is always associated with an increase in finance and other economical purposes. Some of the best examples of good luck mantras chant are Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra, Shri Lakshmi Beej Mantra, and Sri Mahalakshmi Mantra and all belong to meditation mantras. All of them are associated with an increase in wealth and otherworldly purposes. The good luck mantra chant associated with Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra is “Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om”. By chanting such mantras, one can find out paths to increase wealth or grow his business.

  • Buddhist Mantras

A Buddhist chant is a type of melodic section or mantra, somehow or another closely resembling religious recitations of different beliefs. One of the best Buddhist mantras is “OM MANI PADME HUM”. It is believed in Buddhism that if someone recites this Dharma more than a hundred times a day, it will eradicate multiple negative karmas. For instance, listening to Buddhist meditation mantras promises your safety from fire and water. Other possible advantages of listening to Buddhist mantras are guaranteed your life from falling a roof, chasing by winds, death by poison, and so on.

  • Love Mantra

Kleem mantra is considered one of the best love mantras in meditation mantras. It is considered one of the best traditional mantras to attract love because it is directly associated with the Hindu Goddesses; Maha Kali and Maa Durga. Love mantra-like the Kleem mantra is beneficial in cases where a person prays for the return of their ex-wife or ex-husband. This love mantra is enchanted with magical powers that add peace and beauty to one’s relationship. Kleem mantra can be useful in the healing of medical issues like faintness, stress, and depression.

  • Life Mantra

The first step that most individuals can take to change is changing the manner in which they compare themselves to their problems: do you permit suffering to consume them? Or on the other hand, do you recognize that, indeed, you’re ready to overcome any adversity? When a problem arises, what words do you use to describe the situation? Do you tell others that you’re “helpless” or a “victim?”

A universe of difference lies between “I’m weak” and “I’m strong”. It is because of such expressions or life mantras that one starts feeling strong and powerful. Life mantra can add multiple colors to your life. Life mantras can change your life from a stressed one to the most lovely and passionate one and life mantra is also coming under meditation mantras.

How to Choose a Mantra?

Meditation mantras are very beneficial for the physical and psychological growth of human beings. But how to choose a mantra and how to find your mantra are the questions that need to be focused on. Many people overcome the challenge of how to choose a mantra because these people are enough fortunate to find a gifted man in the form of a teacher, mentor, or guru. This bewildering question of how to choose a mantra gets solved when you find the right person to guide you.

The question of how to find your mantra is more confusing because it does not require your guide to help in selecting the right kind of mantra for you. It depends on what you are necessarily including in your life. “How to find your mantra” starts depending on your inner expressions and motivations. Once you overcome such tactical decisions, you can easily find your personal mantra.

Simple Mantras for Meditation

The idea behind finding simple mantras for meditation is to get rid of thoughts that provoke negative energy in your body. It is a kind of impediment for most of the negative energies that make clusters around our minds and body. Here is the shortlist of mantras for meditation.

  • The OM-  The Om is a short guided meditation script. This mantra for meditation has multiple layers of meaning starting from “Will be” and ending with “To Become”. In the language of Hinduism, a major religion in most parts of India, the term “OM” carries the original spirit of vibration that is required by the cycle of life and death. This breathing meditation script of mantra meditation carries a frequency of 432 Hertz and thus brings us close to the energy level of the cosmos.
  • Om Namah Shivaya- It is also a short guided meditation script that means bowing in front of Shiva- a God in Hindu tradition. This breathing meditation script is said to represent five various elements of the cosmos. This mantra meditation represents water, earth, fire, air, and the sky which make up the whole structure of our universe. Meditation phrases like Om Namah Shivaya bring you closer to the deity it represents and the nature that surrounds every human soul.
  • I am that I am- This short guided meditation script is said to have been taken from Hebrew books and its possible meaning is the ultimate presence of God. In the same fashion, when a person recites this mantra for meditation, this breathing meditation script allows him to feel his presence in the forms of senses, feelings, and experiences. It is through these meditation mantras, one can align itself with the great cosmos and nature.

Meditation Mantras List

Meditation is a perfect tool for the exploration of one’s self. It is a kind of abridgment between one’s self and the outer cosmos. Chanting meditation mantras are fruitful for the spiritual growth of the human body. The meditation mantras list is given below.

  •  Vedic Meditation Mantras- This type of meditation mantra are considered one of the ancient forms of Vedic meditation mantras. Sometimes, they are considered the first meditation chants. All other types of meditation mantras truly originated from Vedic meditation mantras. The source of this meditation goes back to the Vedas which were considered a sacred source for the primary texts that originated in Hindu philosophy and all various branches of Yoga, filling the scientific methodologies of the production of Ayurvedic medicine. This meditation with a mantra has given spirit to these disciplines who with time have shown great profundity in human life. The best examples of Vedic meditation mantras list are given below.
  • Shanti- A word for peace in Hinduism. This meditation with a mantra is useful in bringing peace to one’s soul and body. The literal meaning of the word Shanti is peace in Hindu philosophy.
  • Karuna- It is a word of compassion. When repeated in a constant manner, the word brings an environment of compassion that allows a human soul to experience the compassionate part of the cosmos.
  • Transcendental Meditation Mantras- Transcendental meditation mantras are another type of meditation where individuals reflect while thinking about the sound of the mantra. It’s anything but a straightforward, normal, and easy method of allowing the brain to subside into an amazingly quiet condition of rest. Transcendental meditation advances a condition of a relaxing and soothing awareness but also helps in the eradication of negative thoughts and energies. We know that the aim of mantras is to facilitate a peaceful environment for our minds and soul. Here is the list of transcendental meditation mantras according to the various ages of people.
  • Eng or Ing- for children between 0-11.
  • Em, Aim or Im- for children between 12-13
  • Enga, Inga or Ayinga- for children between 14-15 and so on.
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Meditation Mantras for Beginners

Meditation Mantras for Beginners

One must have come to know about people who use specific words, phrases, or sentences while meditating on mantras or doing yoga. These specific words and phrases in the form of chants for meditation are not random or useless words for time to pass but a deep-rooted method of producing a strong will against the agony and pangs of this cosmos. Although mantras can be used in various forms of meditation practices, they were initially utilized in Metta and Transcendental meditations. Here is a brief review of meditation mantras for beginners.

When a new beginner repeats or chants silently, the chants for meditation sink deep into his consciousness, and harmony prevails over his body and mind. They take him into a deeper state of self-awareness and self-compassion. Meditation mantras for beginners allow amateurs to regulate the flow of positive energy directly into their bodies and release all negative energy that impedes the growth of the mind and soul. Here is a random list of chants for meditation that is very useful in bringing a new soul into the universe.

  • Om Namah Shivaya- It brings new souls close to the deity of Shiva and the nature that surrounds every human soul.
  • Om Mani Padme Hum- Explored in the religious beliefs of South Asian countries, Om Mani Padme Hum implies a universal truth that wisdom that comes after experience gets transformed into grace and ultimate beauty. When new beginners chant this meditation note, their souls become peaceful, compassionate, and free from every sort of negative energy.
  • I am that I am- Taken from Hebrew mythology, “I am that I am” creates a sense of self-awareness in most individuals.

Other mantras for beginners would be “I’m nothing”, “I don’t need anything”, “I wish my life can enlighten this world”, “This shall too pass”, “Every day is a new opportunity”, “I love myself”, “I trust myself” and so.

Modern Mantras for Meditation

So far we have discussed in great detail traditional and religious meditation mantras that mainly originated from the land of South Asia and Southeast Asia. Now, we will be focusing on some modern meditation mantras for a better understanding. The expression right now, it’s like this is the modern personal mantra, and chanting it for some time brings an effect that reminds you about your present situation and promises you that if it is bad circumstances, it shall pass too.

The modern meditation mantras that release any drama and replace it with peace is a kind of meditation where an individual experiences the breathing out of all impeding energies from the body and the inhaling of positive energies into the body. This modern chant can be useful if a person feels stressed at any stage of life. In fact, the significant part of these mantras is that they do not need any mentor, guru, or spiritual leader. You can start chanting this mantra anytime you wish to. Sometimes, it becomes very hard for a person to shade negative energies from his mind and body but using these modern mantras can help you in defeating the stressful environment surrounding you

Powerful Mantras

In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva is known as the divine force of obliteration. He is additionally supposed to be an image of mercy. Individuals all throughout the planet take part in various methods of petitioning the Lord to satisfy him, and he can easily be pleased with the simple recitation of mantras. Shiva Pooja includes recitation of Shiva Mantras. These powerful mantras are recounted to prevail upon fear and threat that an individual fights and becomes an invincible warrior.

Shiva Pooja includes recitation of Shiva Mantras. These powerful mantras are recounted to prevail upon fear and threat that an individual fights and becomes an invincible warrior. These mantras shield us from sicknesses, fears, and so forth Legitimate and standard recitation of these mantras guarantees that individual success throughout his life.

These mantras make individuals solid from within to take on any conflicts that they pick. They help purge the body of any kind of pessimism and make one, even more, remarkable and solid. Large numbers of these mantras are solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and on the off chance that you choose to present them, you will especially feel invigorated and witness a set of different advantages also. Here is a random list of these mantras and some of them have already been discussed.

  • Om Namah Shivaya- A mantra for peace and unity with Lord Shiva. This mantra is considered one of the most powerful mantras in the world.
  • Om Namo Bhaghwate Rudraay- is also regarded as a mantra for peace. It has also an element that makes it the most powerful mantra in the world. Although, it has many functions to do the most important function is the fulfillment of all legitimate wishes a person makes to Lord Shiva.
  • Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi Tanno Rudra Prachodayat- is considered one of the most powerful mantras in Hinduism. It is also associated with mindfulness which brings ultimate peace into the human soul. This mantra for peace can also be considered the most powerful mantra in the world.
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Free Mantra

Although, the term “free mantra” is a little bit ambiguous because readers might get confused about what it could possibly mean. Let me describe what could it possibly mean. A free mantra is a kind of mantra that a person can chant without hiring any specific mentor or guru. Roughly, we can say that free mantras are one’s personal mantras that are developed to obtain a higher spiritual level. Some of these mantras get viral and now can be considered famous mantras or famous personal mantras. Here is the list and advantages of these personal famous mantras.

  • I know I will find my love- is a personal free mantra that any individual can chant while hoping to get his love in life.
  • I forget the past and trust my present- is another person’s mantra that is free of cost and anybody can practice it in a way to release any personal trauma bewildering him in the present time.
  • This is the moment to begin- is among the famous mantras that motivate individuals to pursue good career opportunities in life. It simply means that you have not lost anything and your life begins from the moment you realize this.

Mantras for Anxiety

The term anxiety or depression is the situation in our life when we are encountered with such problematic thoughts that can cause physical changes in our body. The physical changes come in great variety. Sometimes we experience a great headache and sometimes it appears to have affected our sugar level. In most cases, it has s profound effect on the most sensitive part (the heart) of human beings. Thus to encounter such problematic situations in our daily life, it is vital to find some of the best mantras for anxiety. These meditation mantras for anxiety can be personal as well as guided meditation scripts for anxiety. We will discuss both of them briefly.

  • I’m Phrases- To maintain the level of stress or depression in one’s mind, it is very useful to switch to some of the best personal mantras that can easily heal your mind and mind. “I’m happy”, “I’m at peace with myself”, “I’m okay” and “I’m love” are such personal mantras techniques that can promise a carefree life from all the miseries and depression.
  • There is a great number of guided meditation scripts for anxiety and stress. Sentences like “I am definitely strong”, “I am worth of anything”, “May be I’m worried. But I can easily encounter them”, and “I can help myself” are some of the best-guided scripts to over anxiety issues.
Gayatri Mantra

Another possible method is the traditional method of encountering these anxiety issues. It is chanting old and traditional Hindu mantras that can guide our soul in the best way. “Gayatri Mantra”, “Om Namah Shivaya”, and “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” are the best sources of Hindu mantras that can lead your hurt soul to a healthy one.

Mantras for Healing

At the point when you are solid, glad, and energetic, these vibrations are blending like a sublime enormous orchestra. Be that as it may, if the vibration of any area in your body becomes deformed or distorted, the harmony between your body and mind breaks down and you start feeling discomfort in your surroundings. In such situations, listening to or repeating mantras for health and mantras for healing become your sole survivor. Let’s discuss some mantras for healing from meditation mantras.

Nature itself is loaded with sounds—birds singing, the breeze blowing through the trees, waves breaking on the seashore, cute babies chuckling, and some more. Sadly, for quite a bit within recent memory, these days, we separate ourselves from nature. At the point when you invest energy in nature, paying attention to these sounds, your physiology gets harmonized with the rhythms and stream of nature. If nature cannot impress us more or likely we do not have much time to listen to the natural mantras for healing, we can switch to the artificial, man-made versions of mantras for healing. These mantras for health are famous people and various medical specialists. Some of these mantras for health are discussed briefly below.

  • Japa- is the use of beads (comes in different varieties) to chant some specific notes or meditation mantras to heal oneself. Traditionally, the use of Mala or Beads can be traced back to South Asian cultures- special the Muslim culture where they practice some religious mantras to overcome the issues of anxiety, pain, and depression.
  • Deity Mantras- is another type of healing by chanting words that make Gods and Goddesses happy. It is usually used in Hindu (Eastern) tradition where many individuals cry for the help of these deities against gruesome medical diseases. The use of “GAM”, pronounced in the Indian language as “gaam” is repeated in a way to secure Gods’ or Goddesses’ attention for the healing of physical and psychological diseases.
  • Shanti and Anandam- are some general categories of provoking deities in a way that could save their children from the torments of worldly misfortunes. Shanti means peace and it can restore one’s peace and harmony. Anandam can be chanted to experience inner solace and happiness.

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